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We can tell you hundreds of reasons why you should contact us when you’re looking for a local broker but we prefer to prove our distinguished services instead of superlative words. Your broker is so much more than just a property specialist. It’s your guide, your trust, your right hand and your best advisor. And that’s exactly what we are and were we take you by the hand. We are enthusiastically ready to help our clients with one of the most profound emotional and financial decisions. Buying and selling their home and all services related to it.

But then different.

Your unique broker

Modern services with a personal touch

Your unique broker

Modern services with a personal touch

Properties by Rohlof Real Estate

Amsterdam | NL

€ 950.000 

Amstelveen | NL

€ 975.000 – 

Utrecht | NL

€ 700.000

Geldrop | NL

€ 995.000

Amsterdam | NL

€ 775.000 – SOLD under condition

Amsterdam | NL

€ 2.575.000 – SOLD

Via Us Your Property Also On

Via Us Your Property Also On

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It’s a maze of brokers in the market.

Be wise, choose smart.


Through our experience we sell your home like thousands other clients before you


Safe, integer, trusted and we will be responsible to manage the entire process so you will save at least weeks of your time


We are convinced to sell your house for the best deal, that's a promise. If not, no charge for you

Right Priced

Our quality enables us to achieve higher revenues and better deals for our clients

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