New identity

Welcome to our completely new website and discover our new corporate identity.

Over the past 3 years, we have successfully grown in the Netherlands, evolving from a high-quality startup (nominated as the best real estate agent (startup) in the Netherlands in 2023) into a proven and successful grown-up.

And with that comes a refined appearance!

We are grateful to all our customers over the past years who have entrusted us to experience “a different kind of real estate agency.” An agency that operates only at the highest level of quality, an agency that truly puts the customer first, an agency where customers have only one point of contact (the real estate agent) who knows everything about their situation and status, an agency that does everything “just a bit differently.” And it starts with the first contact.

The new corporate identity has been chosen to further focus on the distinction and presentation of the homes of our sellers. Clean, quality, passion, inviting, and individual. We don’t work with massive portfolios where the homes (and the sellers) are just numbers. We keep it super personal and focus on our individual clients.

With our new colors Burgundy and Offwhite, we bring recognition and homeliness to a new level and we are ready for the future expansion of our brand.

Frank Rohlof

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